Amelia is considered a specialist in Energy Medicine with advanced training in trauma work, past life work, complex relational patterns, and energy medicine in Surgery. She has a deep connection with the Earth and through her practice she weaves the wisdoms of our planet and also the underlying cosmological laws of the Universe that provide the models of the natural cycles necessary for deep healing. Her training in the earth-based knowings come from a long history with speaking with the elemental realm and training through a variety of indigenous practices. She is a healer, intuitive, and mentor based out of Durham, North Carolina. For over a decade, she has helped thousands of individuals re-remember their deepest connection and felt sense of love through illuminating and re-kindling essential qualities. Individuals work with her to clear the underlying soul-level imprints of systemic stress, illness, traumatic events, and lack of grounding. She supports them in becoming re-connected with a deep sense of safety, access to their body’s innate healing wisdoms, and the opportunities to become abundantly creative. Amelia is one of 11 of Cyndi Dale's Master-Level Apprentices and has worked over the last 7 years integrating intuitive methods and an expanded chakra system into her healing practice. She is a writer, a speaker, a teacher, a dog and cat fanatic, and has a deep relationship with the elementals including, and especially sound and music. Her passion is partnering with individuals and groups to help them remember that they are living expressions of love.