Onye Onyemaechi, MBA is the founding director of Village Rhythms and the spiritual services. Internationally known for his advising and healing, teaching and music performances, Onye guides individuals to a deeper understanding of self-realization and life purpose. He brings the joyful soul of African culture, spirituality and music to create and teach a blend of the best of traditional societies and modern life styles to the world. He is a celebrated recording artist, renown master African percussionist, and performer, producer, composer and speaker. Onye is the author of The Drum: Voice of the Village, and band leader and manager of Onye and the Messengers - AfroBeat World Music band. Onye Onyemaechi is a presenter for Interactive school assemblies as speaker/ performer to promote the joy of learning, self-empowerment and to encourage students' success. Also, his message of village wisdom fosters diversity, respect, tolerance and kindness profoundly resonates among teachers, administrators and parents. A virtuoso of African music, Onye’s masterful percussive rhythms and dance artistry has electrified audiences in the United States and abroad for over thirty years. His training and consulting have improved hundreds of lives and organizations. His highly intuitive gifts, Onye has a profound capacity for seeing into ordinary reality and discovering what is needed to bring profound insights, growth, and transformation to various situations. Onye's healing music and the Leadership Team Spirit Drumming concept is useful for wide ranges of therapies, alternative medicine programs, corporate team building, conferences and retreats. and