InstructorCyndi Dale
TypeOnline Course
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Math: modern theory + the process + handout + love

(The practitioner course is the same content as the personal transformation course, except it includes additional materials for that can be used in practices, such as counseling, energy medicine, massage therapy, and other service-oriented practices.)

A short course that covers how to use Cyndi Dale’s foundational energy method in a professional practice.

Learn about the two types of Healing Streams of Grace, or love “in motion,” that are provided by the Greater Spirit to enable healing and manifesting assistance for self or others.

These streams, always available, can also release negative energies and cords, establish energetic boundaries, charge a physical substance, interact with a chakra, improve relationships, and empower one’s decisions.


Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1About this Part
Lecture 2Intention
Lecture 3Policies
Lecture 4Overview
Section 2About Healing Streams of Grace
Lecture 5About this Part
Lecture 6About Healing Streams of Grace
Lecture 7Learn the Method
Section 3Healing Streams of Grace in Practice
Lecture 8About this Part
Lecture 9About Healing Streams of Grace
Lecture 10Healing Streams of Grace in Practice
Section 4Reference Material
Lecture 11About this Part
Lecture 12Resource: Technique Overview
Lecture 13Gratitude