InstructorAmelia Vogler
TypeOnline Course
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modern theory + introduction to the angelic realm + guided invocation + love

A short course that shares how to invoke and work with Archangel Michael and angels Gabriel, Uriel, and Ariel to remove discordant energies and create a protective grid.

In this course, you will….

  • learn a little about discordant energies and how they can function
  • be introduced to the angelic realm and hierarchy
  • meet Archangel Michael and angels Gabriel, Ariel, and Uriel
  • be guided through an invocation of Archangel Michael and the angels for clearing and protection


This course will take about 30 minutes to complete.


Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Course Welcome
Lecture 2Intention
Lecture 3Policies
Lecture 4Overview
Section 2About Protection
Lecture 5About this Part
Lecture 6About Energetic Protection
Lecture 7The Energetics of Blended Fields
Section 3About the Angelic Realms
Lecture 8About this Section
Lecture 9About the Angelic Realm
Lecture 10Meet Archangel Michael and the Angels of the Grid
Lecture 11Invoke the Protective Grid
Section 4Reference Material
Lecture 12About this Part
Lecture 13The Invocation for the Angelic Grid for Protection
Lecture 14Additional Reading
Lecture 15Gratitude