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modern theory + introduction to the angelic realm + guided invocation + love

(The practitioner course is the same content as the personal transformation course, except it includes additional materials for that can be used in practices, such as counseling, energy medicine, massage therapy, and other service-centered practices.)

This short course shares how to invoke and work with Archangel Michael (and angels Gabriel, Uriel, and Ariel) to remove discordant energies, clear your energy system (or a room, house, or space) and create a protective grid.

Amelia was first shown this technique from one of her early mentor around 2008 and has been using consistently since (sometimes daily)!   She has used this method to helps support clients with high blood pressure (that have roots in external “pressure”); when things just start feeling a little off in the session, as in something else is interfering with the communication from another dimension; or when you get the feeling that a client has come in with something that just isn’t theirs to deal with – this could be the energy of a cultural grief cycle, a familial pattern, or something that has been picked up at the airport (more common than you might realize)!

In this course, you will….

  • learn a little about discordant energies (energies that do not match your highest signature) and how these energies function when they merge or blend with your own
  • understand an introduction to the angelic realm and hierarchy
  • meet Archangel Michael and angels Gabriel, Ariel, and Uriel as supporters of your energy that clear your energy field and protect you
  • be guided through an invocation of Archangel Michael to clear your field and the activation of the angelic grid to protect you
  • learn how to use this invocation in your professional practice and when it is beneficial to use it.

This course will take about 30 minutes to complete.

About the Instructor

Amelia Vogler is considered a specialist in energy medicine. She lectures, leads workshops, and presents nationally and contributes content on various topics around the World.  This invocation was one of the very first methods that helped her to learn to work with and understand a little more clearly the potential of the angels and their deep desire to come and work with us and support us here on the Earth plane.   This is one of the easiest was in which she can teach protection in an applicable, easy, and consistent ways for her clients (and friends) to feel a powerful shift in their ability to be a little less anxious and feel supported by the angelic beings.

As an aside, Amelia offers:

“This is one of my all time favorite methods to use when I’m done traveling in a plane! As soon as my feet touch the ground and I get into my own space, I call Michael and the angels to support clearing me from my travels.”

Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Course Welcome
Lecture 2Policies
Lecture 3Overview
Lecture 4Intention
Section 2About Protection
Lecture 5About this Section
Lecture 6About Energetic Protection
Lecture 7The Energetics of Blended Fields
Section 3About the Angelic Realm
Lecture 8About this Section
Lecture 9About the Angelic Realm
Lecture 10Meet Archangel Michael and the Angels of the Grid
Lecture 11Invoke the Protective Grid
Lecture 12When to Use this Method in Practice
Section 4Reference Material
Lecture 13About this Section
Lecture 14The Invocation for the Angelic Grid for Protection
Lecture 15Additional Reading
Lecture 16Gratitude