InstructorCyndi Dale
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modern theory + the process + handout + love

(The practitioner course is the same content as the personal transformation course, except it includes additional materials for that can be used in practices, such as counseling, energy medicine, massage therapy, and other service-oriented practices.)

A short course that covers how to use ‘Spirit to Spirit’; one of Cyndi Dale’s two signature techniques. The other signature technique is Healing Streams of Grace.

‘Spirit to Spirit’ enables safety and precision for people seeking spiritual guidance, healing, or inspiration for self and other. This process can be employed for personal or professional reasons and is easy to learn and conduct, no matter the circumstances you find yourself in.

Finally there is a the single technique that can assure energetic boundaries and safety when you connect with your personal essence, the essential aspects of others, and invite the presence and power of the Greater Spirit. In this course, Cyndi will share the reasons that she developed ‘Spirit to Spirit’, the three main steps for performing this process, and discuss various conditions in which it is particularly useful.


This course will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.


Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Course Welcome
Lecture 2Intention
Lecture 3Policies
Section 2About Spirit to Spirit
Lecture 4About this Section
Lecture 5About Spirit to Spirit
Lecture 6Learn the Process
Section 3Use Spirit to Spirit in your Practice
Lecture 7About this Section
Lecture 8Spirit to Spirit in Practice
Section 4Reference Material
Lecture 9About this Section
Lecture 10Technique Overview
Lecture 11Gratitude