Use and Play Tibetan Bowls

4 May 2020

Use and Play Tibetan Bowls

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his short course shares symbolism, tasks and practical usage of a variety of ancient Tibetan singing bowls while respecting the Tibetan Buddhist culture from where the instruments originated.

Diáne will share history, foundational principals and tasks of working with the singing bowls as well offering a few effective protocols to move energy with them. You will be introduced to a variety of bowls and mallets that create different harmonics. 

These foundational principals will help you understand what type of singing bowl to choose for certain situations as well as the why’s and how’s of working with these instruments for future healing protocols.

You will learn a series of Best Practices to help you develop skill in playing the instruments and begin to train your ear as to what to listen for. Each of the Tibetan Sacred Sound instruments have a specific task in a sound healing session there is a progression to be used when working with them. This course prepares you for learning healing protocols by introducing you to each of the instruments.

Diáne shares that, the task of the Tibetan sacred sound instruments is to widen our perspective, to reconnect us to the divine beings we are and to bring consciousness to our blind spots so we can enjoy a life of well being within the constraints of daily life; that we can create our own story of the magnificence of our life. “The blessed school of hard knocks molded me; every aspect of my life a teacher.  The journey with Tibetan instruments guided my own transformation as they do with others.”

In this course, you will….

– Learn about the bowls roots  and symbolism in Tibetan Buddhism 

– Learn about how different mallets effect the sound of the bowls

– Discover several ways of  playing the singing bowls to obtain a variety of nuances. 

– Identify how you would use this instrument in a sound healing protocol or meditation

– Begin to train your ear to hear the authentic voices of this instrument It is best that you have one -three high quality singing bowls prior to taking this course so you can follow along as you watch the video.   Diane can help you choose the bowls that best meet your needs. You can order these by contacting Diáne at