Join Me

Dear You,
I want to introduce you to the Vogler Institute.  This institute was born of a dream, which came as an answer to a few inner calls from Sadness and Offness.  I welcome these calls; I always have.   As you know Sadness and Offness are wonderful teachers; they move us to creative thinking, to question asking, to a restless state of curiosity and dutiful dreaming.
I’d like to tell you about  Sadness and Offness’s first appearance:
The message arrived because in one week, I had a few strong examples of my  practitioner / client relationship becoming out of balance.  Boom. Boom. Boom.  Over and over, I was asked for information… “What do you see in this?” “What do you think about this?”  “How does this feel to you?”  As an intuitive, on some level, that is my job to help people navigate the unknown, but it really, for me, is about teaching them to sense their own inner resonance.  In this week, I was called “over them” and asked to give information that I know to be resting right within their own reach.
I fervently believe that all people (my clients included) know everything.  The human being is created of and by Spirit – everything that we do and create is Spirit and I have a deep conviction that we also know as Spirit.   As well as I can, I hold this uncompromising belief for my clients; I hold the mirror so that they can see the wisdom of their own design. I am the teacher who will take your power and sit with you through division.  I will sit with you but not beyond you.
When Sadness and Offness came as a message, I asked the question, “How then can I further empower my clients to know what is already known within them?” “How can I help them further the return to their own magestic inner knowings?”
The answer – a different space.  Create the space where my clients (or the people of the World who are looking for answers) can come to sit at the table with me, to engage in simple conversation-style learning. A space that is casual and beautiful. A space that will, by the virtue of it’s intent and design, break the harmful division of “teacher/student”.
The second message from Sadness and Offness came through a feeling of compassion and empathy.  Despite giving free sessions, discount sessions, and taking pro-bono entire cases for chemotherapy treatments or surgical clients, my heart always broke when someone sad that “they couldn’t afford to work with me.” (My rates are so reasonable!) The question – what do I do to answer the call for access? How do I honor those without means to support their own necessary healing. All people are worthy of care. All people.
The answer came in a dream.  I saw a thousand people practicing different healing techniques.  They were each in a small tile in my mind.  When I looked closer, I saw that they were doing techniques that I used in my practice or working with affirmations or listening to music.  (Amazing what you know is happening in a thousand tiny tiles in the dreamworld!!!)    When I woke, I reflected on what I had seen and arrived at two provocative thoughts:
Thought 1:  Energy is simply coded information.
Thought 2: People will create a consistent practice or relationship to their own healing if they are empowered to do so and it is easy.
It was a calling to share absolutely everything that I know about health and wellness and energy medicine. It was a call to create a place that was filled with very short transformational conversations and experiences (short courses) that empower people an easy way to take healing into their own hands (after all, all healing IS self-healing) and I was called to create the courses at a affordable price point so that access was no longer an issue.
The next dream came specific requirements:
  • The dream had the music pieces.
  • The dream showed me the sacred geometry layers – the “bridges of as above and so below” that underly the intention of all of the courses “to make known the sacred within”.
  • Each course, the dream shared, will have a component that allows the individual to “work with” the wisdom presented in it. It could be a worksheet with a technique written; it could be a musical journey and meditation lesson; it could be a sample track of music; it could be a creative project.  Whatever it is, the intent is to break down the teacher/student division and allow the student to become the teacher for themselves.
  • The dream indicated that it would be beautiful.
  • The dream showed me the flower of life spinning and where the flowers crossed and met each other there was a great light emanating from it.   I asked about this light….
  • The dream whispered to me: “How else are we to change this world, if we do not restore original belief in oneself and empower individuals to bring their unique wisdoms out.”
So, as I woke up after a series of these dreams, the idea came to me – an institute.
As Spirit would have it, the idea of building an online institute was not scary or foreign to me.  At the exact moment when I quit my corporate job in Engineering,  I was building an institute-like framework for on of the prestigious  “Best Companies in the World to Work For;”  I had done this before.   (It became clear at this time why Spirit maybe put me in to that 12 years of corporate engineering and sent me through that advanced degree at N.C State! To this day, I still wondered why that happened!)
As I began to create this dream, what became clear to me, was that I was not intended to be the only teacher – for perspective and many voices will be more powerful than my own. I was taken back to the picture of the flower of life with the intersecting points glowing.  I realized, “Oh! those are the lights of many voices.”  So I asked “Who is to teach?”  and the dream answered, “you will know”.
And, who is being called, are the names and people who I believe have something very real to offer. Those who walk their own healing stories into their lives. The “real” teachers of this work and I count you as one of them.
You came to me in a dream, just as everything else and I wish to extend the invitation to teach in the institute if you think it is something you will resonate with. These are not courses that will make you a very rich person in money, but they are courses that may very well change the life of someone and help them to find you or your work.  It is a place to sit down, casually at a table, and share from your heart about what it is you have come to know about health, wellness, and energy.  It is a unique place filled with dreams come true and deeply devoted to the healing of humanity.
The timeline for our formal launch is May 2019 and I do not have a cap on the classes that you teach.  I just ask that we work together on the topics so that they match with the framework of the other courses for consistency.  We will have short courses and longer ones – the topic will determine what length of course we need.   I know that you have had a chance to look at the very “still under development” website and maybe have a sense of the energy of the space.
If you would like to have a chat over the next few weeks to explore more deeply, I would welcome that You are invited into this project with love and with great  honoring.  I believe in your work.
May God (of all names) bless you today and in all days.
With abundant love,
The One Who Walks Beauty