About Manifesting

25 Mar 2020

About Manifesting

About Spirit to Spirit

Spirit to Spirit is an all-inclusive process for safely accessing information as well as performing healing, manifesting, prayer, meditation, and more. It also establishes energetic boundaries. It also assures only the highest outcome, no matter the request.

Spirit to Spirit is a stand-alone technique but can also be used before any other healing or intuitive technique you want to use.

Learn the Spirit to Spirit Process

In this video, you will learn the following as Cyndi Dale demonstrates and discusses:

  • Why she developed Spirit to Spirit (need for a simple technique, one that provided boundaries and also linked to highest form of guidance and healing)
  • How she was given it in a dream
  • The three steps to the technique
  • How she defines “spirit?”
  • Why do we want to access only our own and others’ spirits?
  • What if you do—or don’t—believe in God?
  • How there are two “cosmologies”
  • How Spirit-to-Spirit brings forth the best—a few client stories

<insert video of cyndi’s> VIMEO or HERE