About the Elemental Realm

25 Mar 2020

About the Elemental Realm

About the Angelic Realm

I have always been struck by how little I heard about the angels as I grew up attending a fairly traditional (although exceptionally open-minded and conscious) Moravian church.  This became especially true as later in life when the angels would appear in my sessions and then in my life.  So, as they became more a part of my ordinary reality, I set out to learn a little more about them.

The Angelic Hierarchy

Hierarchy, or ranking, in the angelic realm is a fairly consistent concept throughout different time periods and across various religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) although, depending on the lens through which you look, the organization of the angelic realms differ in role (or assignment) and the individual angels within them.

One of the most influential texts around the angelic hierarchy comes from a Christian theologian writing in the 4th or 5th century named Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. In his book ‘On the Celestial Hierarchy’ he describes the three spheres or choirs of the angels with 9 different angelic ranks (three in each), although not all of these are evidenced in other religions. Islam does not recognize these spheres or choirs but identifies 14 different ranks.

The meaning of ‘Angel’

The root word of Angel in Arabic means “messenger.” You will find that across many faith traditions, this is implied to mean the “messenger from God.”

Consider this definition of energy:  “information that moves;”  and extend this to the definition of angel “messenger.”   It’s possible then to arrive at the working idea that the angels are “messengers of the energy of God.” 

As someone who doesn’t practice in a specific faith tradition, but tends to work with the Universal Light, this definition of angel resonates with my beliefs and still maintains the high and honorable ranking and power that is present across many traditional view perspectives.


For Practitioner Class

With this definition also, I am  still able to maintain a deep sense of connection with my clients.  I am able to “meet them where they are” even if they approach me through a traditional lens of a specific faith or Spiritual tradition.

If someone does not have a relationship with the word Angel, I call to or invoke these. beings using the terminology  ‘messengers of God/Spirit/Creator’ or ‘messengers of the Universal Light’.


In my personal work with angels, I do not specifically recognize the choir or sphere, but I invite a few well known angels and Archangel Michael into my personal practice.

In the next lesson, you will learn a little more about Archangel Michael.