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25 Mar 2020

About this Section Copy

About this Section

This section of the course extends this process into a professional practice.

Spirit to Spirit is such a versatile process it can be used across almost any professional discipline to create a safe and protected space for client and practitioner work. It has been the experience of many practitioners that use this method to setup sacred space that information tends to flow more easily – both verbal and non-verbal information between client/patient and practitioner.

You can also teach this method to your clients to provide a resource for them in their own life.

If you work in trauma or you hear an individual speaking about a trauma, this method can also be highly effective in creating an unspoken inner knowing of support that may not have been available to your client/patient until this moment.

As you discover this new information, think of ways in which you might use this in clinical practice to support your work and your clients/patients. Think of times when you think that this might have been beneficial or individuals who may benefit from you using this new tool in your practice.