Healing Streams of Grace in Practice Copy

25 Mar 2020

Healing Streams of Grace in Practice Copy

Healing Streams of Grace in Practice

In this lesson, Amelia Vogler, a specialist in energy medicine (and the Founder of the Institute) shows you how she adapts the use of this method for a hands-on practice when she is in her office with clients.

To use healing streams for your hands-on practice, connect Spirit-to-Spirit or whatever invocation you employ to link with a greater source of loving energy. You might want to gently touch the client, perhaps starting at their feet, and ask that the healing streams help ground the client into the good energies of this planet. You can request that the healing streams flow through your body and out your hands to enter the client; either that, or sense them flowing along your hands and directly to the client.

Healing streams can also be applied to gently cleanse the energy field, releasing from it whatever energies are unhealthy and interjecting healthy energies. You can move your hands through any or all of the auric fields and then come to resting points on the bodily areas that require energetic assistance. Again, the healing streams can either flow into and from you or directly enter the client. They will assist physical challenges and also psychological and spiritual.

They will operate whether the client feels them or not, but quite usually, they will be aware of tingles, shifts, heat, or cold.

  • Tingles usually indicate neurological or other types of alterations.
  • Heat most likely shows that energy is entering the system.
  • Cold occurs when unnecessary or unhealthy energies are leaving.


Ground and Center

As a practitioner, it is always important that you ground and center yourself prior to working with a client.  This will allow you to be in an optimum state to be present.

Attune to your client

Attunement with your client is a way to intentionally blend and merge your fields. You can use a general attunement process by setting intention for this blending or may use a more specific type of attunement such as Spirit to Spirit (one of Cyndi Dale’s other techniques).  This allows information (energy) to be passed between you and your client with ease.

Step 1: Determine whether to use Universal or Personal Healing Streams of Grace

By listening to your client’s stories, you will know which form of Healing Streams of Grace to use.  Sometimes you will find that you need to use both, for example if there is an aspect of your client that is needing clarifying or strengthening  you can use Personal Healing Streams of Grace and there is a larger story that can be supported by using the Universal Healing Streams of Grace.

Sometimes, you might find it valuable to ask clarifying intuitive questions that can help you identify the exact needs of your client.  Or, if you prefer, you can use a pendulum or other divinity tool to help you decide.

Step 2: Allow Spirit to work through you as you offer Healing Streams of Grace to your clients

In the video, you will see Amelia Vogler work on Cyndi to demonstrate this method in a hands-on and distance practice.