25 Mar 2020



An intention is the seed of a dream and setting an intention is the articulation of focus and direction for the energy of that dream.

Think about how much energy is out in this beautiful universe, a potent seedbed filled with pure potential. How does the energy know where to go or how to organize it self?

Since you are fundamentally at the center of the Universe, when you use the power of your voice, the energy of pure potential begins to organize itself according to the direction of your desire.

In this class, Cyndi will discuss the three main steps involved in Spirit-to-Spirit and reveal the situations that are perfect for this technique.

This course has been created in, with and through deep love and caring. The author of the course and the Institute are holding intention that you receive that which will inspire you into new awareness of your potential and power.

What do you wish to get out of this course? You might try langauging that as your first intention with this material.

I set intention to….