Spirit to Spirit in Practice Copy

25 Mar 2020

Spirit to Spirit in Practice Copy

Spirit to Spirit in Practice

Spirit to Spirit can be used as an invocation for all of your healing and therapeutic work.


Ground and Center

As a practitioner, it is always important that you ground and center yourself prior to working with a client. This will allow you to be in an optimum state to be present.

Step 1: Affirm your Spirit

If you are employing hands-on healing, you can either be touching the client or not when performing the first step, which is to affirm your own spirit. You might want to picture a spiritual icon you associate with yourself, such as a light, flame, or angel. You can also sense your inner wisdom or simply ask that your ‘inner acknowledgement of self’ helps you be the highest self that you are.

Step 2: Affirm the Client’s Spirit

During the second step, which involves affirming the client’s spirit, as well as the invisible guides assisting the process, you might want to touch the client. It is suggested that you start at the feet and employ your acknowledgment of the client’s spirit to assist them with grounding. This essentially brings their soul into their body and invites the highest outcome for the healing process. See if you can sense the presence of their own and your guides, which are there to assist. This step can be done in quiet or you can find a way to say it aloud.

Step 3: Affirm the Presence of the Spirit

During the third step, affirm the presence of the Spirit, which will take over this process for the best outcome of all. You can image a spiritual icon, such as an angelic figure or a picture of God or a Higher Power that you like to use; either that, or know that your affirmation is enough to bring this Presence to this loving process. You can either speak some version of this step or verbalize it privately in your head.

This third step brings you into the flow of the session. You can proceed as you would normally and use whatever steps you desire to assist the client. Information will flow to you as needed, usually in the form of the four major types of intuition: physical empathy, feeling empathy, verbal, or visual. Share as you sense the Spirit would have you do so and know that Spirit-to-Spirit is providing you and the client perfect boundaries and the best possible process and outcome.

Step 4: Concluding the session

When finished, you can simply thank the Spirit for working with you. You can say this to yourself or aloud; if the latter, do so in a way that respects your client’s belief system and your own.

In this video, you will see Amelia Vogler, Founder of the institute and specialist in Energy Medicine, work on Cyndi to demonstrate how she integrates this method into her hands-on and distance practice.