Technique Overview

25 Mar 2020

Technique Overview

Technique Overview

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The Three Steps of Spirit-to-Spirit

There are only three steps in the Spirit-to-Spirit technique.

Here you will find the description of each step, the particular meaning of the word spirit used in that step, and which goals are met by each step.

1: Affirm your personal spirit

In this step, the word spirit refers to your unique spark of divinity. To affirm your spirit is to intentionally align your essential self with only the highest good. By doing this, you are assuming full connection with the Spirit, upgrading your personal and perhaps prejudicial agendas so they are of the highest order, and giving permission for Spirit to provide your more human self with healing and insight. You are also immediately provided the energetic boundaries needed for whatever task is at hand.

2: Affirm other spirits

In this step, the word spirit has two meanings. It refers to the divine essence of one or more living beings and also otherworldly beings. The purpose of this step is to activate the divine spirit within others. In regard to the living, you don’t have to be in their physical presence. You can silently affirm a friend when on the phone with them or simply focus on the subject.

Implicitly, when affirming another being or a group, you are also acknowledging the otherworldly beings linked to them, as well as yourself. We all have spiritual guides, which can include angels, the deceased, power animals, the souls of plants, or fairy beings, among others. When you acknowledge these spirits, you affirm that only the most transcendent can engage with your process.

This activity filters out negative entities or dark forces. Know, too, that Spirit-to-Spirit can be performed when you are alone and focused on yourself. In this case, this second step involves affirming only your spiritual guides, as there aren’t any concrete beings present.

3: Affirm the Spirit

In this step, Spirit represents God, the Holy Spirit, Allah, the Greater Spirit, the Goddess, the Divine, the Greater God, or whatever term you might use for the Higher Power. This is the most critical of all three steps. Performing this step is equivalent to surrendering your will to the Spirit’s will. It allows your best self to partner with the Spirit to bring about the most optimum outcomes. It bolsters confidence in the intuitive information you receive and the actions you feel led to take. With this step, the Spirit provides protection for you and all others involved in a situation, and you can rest assured that all will be well.

Adapted from Subtle Body Energy Techniques by Cyndi Dale.