4 May 2020


In this class, Diáne shares foundational principals and tasks of working with the tingsha, to help you understand the why’s and how’s of working with it in healing protocols. You will also learn how to use these instrumets while respecting the Tibetan Buddhist culture from where the instruments originated.

This course has three primary sections for you to explore.

Section 1:

Covers the class introduction and policies.

Section 2:

This section has both video and written lessons that introduce the tingsha and its relationship to Tibetan Buddhism.

You will also learn:

Traditional techniques of playing the tingsha

  • A variety of sounds to listen for to tune your ears to understanding the tingsha
  • How to initiate and end a session with yourself or others
  • How to clear a space with the tingsha
  • How to project energy
  • How to use as a diagnostic tool to locate energetic blocks or weaknesses in your client’s body

Section 3:

You will have access to printable resources for this course and a short lesson expressing our gratitude for your energy and time.