Our Founder

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Meet Amelia

“There is the real.” She says, “And, then there is the Other Real. I prefer that one.”    The Other Real is the real where the dreams live. They curl like colored wind around the trees – every tree – sharing fables, or the mysteries of the Universe.   They land on the ground like raindrops and paint stories that tiny bare feet sip into the heart.


The ones that make the world a better place.

When Amelia touches a tree, she first hears the weather all of the years that the tree has lived and then she hears what it has to speak.  When Amelia looks into the sky, she sees first the faces in the clouds and then she hears them speak.  Sometimes, when she sits quietly, she can ask the weather to change, and it does. (She has yet to bring the summer sun to the winter time and she tries daily in January because she dislikes the cold.)  She has talked with dragons in the deep sea and loves to find company with those that live in the stars above. She is a weaver and a storyteller. She is a lover of what is and what is possible.

She learned this from the teachings of a 250 year old funeral home that has been passed down in her family for 8 generations.

Face to face with too many dead seeded in her an awareness of what it means to be alive.

Amelia is the daughter of the corn mother.

Amelia is the one who walks Beauty.

Beauty is untouched by the passing of time.

Beauty dreams love into being.

Amelia loves to walk between what is possible and what is real. She mixes them together … what is possible is real, what is real is possible.  She loves to wind her thoughts between the ordinary and the non-ordinary, resolving that there is mystery everywhere.

Amelia looks at the setting sun behind winter trees and thinks, “my, now I know what the first stained glass maker must have seen.”

Amelia can look at you and see both what is and what is becoming. She sees what was, not just yesterday but hundreds of years ago. She can stop time and collapse it to read the stories of your history, of all of our histories.

Amelia knows what the problems are and dreams them free.

Amelia is the one who sees potential in all things and the interaction of Spirit and the likeness of the holy, Divine, the Spirit in each of us and in our lives.

Amelia doesn’t dream for the dream itself. She dreams to change the world. She always has.

Amelia is a dreamer that believes in the power and potential of what it means to be fully alive.  And of this dream, this institute was born….

She invites you here to uncover what in yourself might be hiding and waiting to come out.  She invites you here with humble, simple love. She invites you here because she knows that you and your beauty are part of the answer to this Great Mess that is of this world.   She believes in you and your precious heart.