Activations for Emotional Wellbeing

Activations for Emotional Wellbeing




Activations for Emotional Wellbeing

Receive the following 10 video-based energetic activations created by Cyndi Dale, an energy intuitive, to balance the underlying pscyhological aspects of your emotions.

Love Yourself: Let the Divine open your heart so you can fully embrace yourself.

Forgive Yourself: We all have character defects. Embrace a defect, find the silver lining within it, and feel the power of forgiveness renew and transform you.

Lift Your Self-Esteem: Awaken to the truth about yourself and be “as a child,” full of courage, curiosity, and self-acceptance.

Create Self-Confidence: Let the world see you shine! Emanate your true self from the inside to the out.

Go for It! Feeling scared? Need rocket fuel? Awaken your passion and get going.

Build A Success Pattern: Attracting and feeling successful depends on awakening the “success lines” in your chakras and energy field. Activate these with this short process.

Stop Perfectionism: Stuck in perfectionism or control issues that are slowing you down? Let the spiritual qualities of acceptance and allowance replace these trip-you-ups.

Healing Energetic Anxiety: Energetically, we’re anxious if we’re owning another’s energy or living in “front of ourselves,” as in, trying to predict or control the future. Shift both tendencies and anchor yourself in the present.

Healing Energetic Depression: When energetically depressed, we’re either full of others’ energies or operating in “back of ourselves,” as in, living in the past. Address both tendencies and achieve balance in the present.

Your Are Worthy: See yourself through your “spirit eyes” to clear feelings of unworthiness and shame and embrace your true light.


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