Activations for a Healthy Body

Activations for a Healthy Body




Activations for Physical Health


Receive the following 10 video-based energetic activations created by Cyndi Dale, an energy intuitive, to promote optimum physical health.

Microbial Clearing: Discover the purpose that the microbe believes it is fulfilling and then release it, even while opening to abundant health.

Ancestral Healing: Let your “Divine Child,” who is knowingly connected to the Divine Mother and Father, transform your negative epigenetic or ancestral issues and open to only positive influences. We’ll work with the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life during this activation.

Addiction Recovery: Uncover and alter the pattern of an addiction and find a way to meet the need in a more loving way. This activation can also be used to help confront a craving in the moment.

Releasing Weight. We own weight for two major reasons. We are holding onto another’s energy and seeking to protect ourselves. Invite healing streams of grace to help with both challenges.

Stress-busting: Switching from Sympathetic to Parasympathetic. We have two sides to our nervous system, the excitable and the calming. Practice quickly switching from the stressful sympathetic to the peaceful parasympathetic.

Coaxing Sleep and Relaxation: A one-minute process for calming the infra-low brain wave the makes it hard to sleep or relax.

Releasing Trauma: Use healing streams of grace to repair from the forces that have caused trauma and help heal the traumatized self.

An Autoimmune Treatment: Enter the futuristic “chamber of light and sound” to activate a sequence of healing energies for autoimmune dysfunctions.

Surrendering Pain: Use healing streams to reduce tension, hear the message of your pain, burn away toxins, and energetically release pain.

Awakening Beauty: Activate your inner and outer beauty by release negative spiritual forces and opening to positive ones.


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