Activations for Power and Manifesting

Activations for Power and Manifesting




Activations for Power and Manifesting

Receive the following 10 video-based energetic activations created by Cyndi Dale, an energy intuitive, to promote positive outcomes.

Manifesting through the Celestial Wishing Tree: There is a special chakra devoted to manifesting. Align this Celestial Wishing Tree within your heart and pray for a heart’s desire.

Commanding Forces: Accelerate the power of your “eleventh chakra” while aligning with the Divine to direct natural or supernatural forces.

Get Back Your Power: Do you feel like a person or situation has “stolen” your power? Uncover your vulnerability and own it again.

Preparing for the Worst: Are you preparing for a situation that is frightening or threatening? Activate your resilience and personal power from the inside to the out.

Beyond Victimization: Bask in the spiritual qualities needed to restore your soul and sense of self.

Be a Presence: Activate the vertical and horizontal lines of power needed to hold your own in any situation.

The High Performance Shield: Activate the already-successful self inside to operate at the highest level of performance by creating a sacred shield that deflects negativity and awakens an internal power source.

Releasing the Block to Abundance: Tired of feeling like you are “lagging behind” in a certain area? Transform a block to abundance and use the energy of resistance to leap forward.

The Miracle Field: Activate a powerful energy field that will attract goodness to you.

The Gray Body: Use the energy potential of “the void” to deliver your desires into the world and invite the proper responses.


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