Activations with Natural Forces

Activations with Natural Forces




Activations with Natural Forces

Receive the following 10 video-based energetic activations created by Cyndi Dale, an energy intuitive, to access the powers of the cosmos.

Fire up! Call upon the element of fire, as well as one of its elementals, to purge negativity and reenergize.

Flow with Water: Connect with the water element and one of its elementals to increase your intuition and creativity and enable cleansing.

Cheer Up with Wood: Employ the wood element and one of its elementals to create optimism and good health.

Fortify with Earth: Allow the element of earth and one of its elementals to rebuild what is broken either physically or emotionally.

Know with Stone: Listen to the element of stone and one of its elementals to receive an answer to a question.

Deflect with Metal: Secure metal in your energy field to deflect negativity and open to a much needed message.

Hear the Air: Let the element of air, brought in by an air elemental, share its wisdom with you.

Get Ethereal with Ether: Surround yourself with the Divine’s ethereal consciousness to invite a deep transformation.

Star Power: Let a star being bring you the energy of a very special star, one that will quicken your soul and spirit.

Love with Light and Power Up with Sound: Light brings love and sound activates power. Let a light and sound elemental fill you with grace, or love empowered.

In Presence: The element of Presence enables you to be fully yourself. Bask in Presence and Be.


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