Activations for Healthy Relationships

Activations for Healthy Relationships




Activations for Healthy Relationships


Receive the following 10 video-based energetic activations created by Cyndi Dale, an energy intuitive, to formulate loving bonds.

Opening to Intimacy: Heart Awaken! Sense the safety of connecting to yourself, others, the natural world, and the Divine after clearing the block in the way.

Clearing Negative Attachments: Uncover a cord or curse and lovingly release it with this application of healing streams of grace.

Releasing Holds: Energetic holds repress us and deflect abundance, love, and healing. Use healing streams of grace to release a hold.

Letting Go of the Relationship You Should Have Already Released: Holding on in an unhealthy way? Bring in the spiritual quality you’re really seeking to let go of the damaging connection.

Bringing up Boundaries: Clear others’ energies from your system and establish a safe energy field for yourself. Excellent process if you’ve been with, or are going to be with, a toxic person or group.

Forgiving Another: The spiritual quality of forgiveness will set you and another free. Open the cage and fly forth!

Activating Your Inner Parent: If you’re triggered or struggling with self-discipline, it’s time to put your “inner parent” in charge of a decision or behavior.

Help! I Need Parental Advice! The Divine Mother and Father are standing by to give you insight and inspiration for a parenting dilemma you’re experiencing with a child.

Attracting Love: It only takes a moment for your heart to open and attract in a loving person, helper, or situation.

Soul Retrieval: Do you feel like a part of your soul is missing, stuck, or lost? This easy process will help you find, heal, and reconnect with it.


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