Grounded – Meditations to ground the Body, Mind, and Soul

Grounded – Meditations to ground the Body, Mind, and Soul


As Above, So Below

This compilation contains all of meditations for supporting Centering, Grounding, and your Hara.  It also includes two bonus tracks of the journey theme for the Institute – one short and one longer, to support you in your personal meditations and healing work



These CDs are the product of close to 8 years of in-clinic work studying the effects of certain words, images, tones, and pauses on the energy system and body. The music was intentionally composed for these meditations and refined by watching and feeling the energy system change until the music was in resonance with the words. These were also professionally recorded and mastered in Durham, North Carolina.

Track 1: Inspiration

5-minute Centering meditation that brings you into the healing space of your own effulgent and rich inner space. Using the breath, you will be guided into your inner sanctuary of restoration, recovery, and healing. Use this journey to practice finding and working within the seedbed of your healing potential within.

Track 2: Illumination

10-minute Grounding meditation that brings you into deep restorative connection with the Earth and the Cosmos. Using the imagery of a great tree and celestial wisdom, you will be guided to anchor between Earth and Heaven and your sense of personal space, personal power, vitality, and boundaries will be supported. Use this journey to practice connecting with the power that is always available to support you in your life.

Track 3 Emanation

12-minute Hara meditation brings you into deep connection with the stream of energy that has been with you throughout lifetimes. The Hara energy holds the unique pattern of your soul’s expression and is the origin of your purpose, heart’s desires, and physical manifestation on this planet. Using the imagery of a column of light, travel the connections between your body, heart, and soul and the crystal in the center of the Earth. Use this journey to restore and support the stream of life- and soul-source energy that runs through and guides you.

Gratitude to a few specific teachers who have supported my understanding of this system: Barbara Brennan, Sally Nyholt, Janna Moll, Cynthia Hutchison, Rita Marr, and Cyndi Dale and my personal guides and helpers.

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