The 8 Cosmic Helix Frequencies

The 8 Cosmic Helix Frequencies


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The 8 Cosmic Helix Frequencies Overview

Everyone teaches us in their own way how to experience enlightenment, the state of wholeness and unity. But words cause us to stop the process, and can even block the connections we are able to feel in the deep wilderness, places of solitude, and under the canopy of stars always overhead.
In our design, we have captured the multitude of sounds going away from the earth and the sounds coming to the earth from the universe, adding natural harmonics to fill in the gaps. Thus we have created a nature flowing wave of all possible sounds found in the universe. This will allow you to sense the flow of energy surrounding and uplifting you, even while you’re brought into the state of mind and heart that will allow you to peacefully interact with the goodness around you. The ability to heal all wounds and manifest your dreams becomes effortless, as it should be.

John Inmon, our producer, has made adjustments to the universal sounds that have a gradual introduction and declining end. He has the songs of Earth as subliminal undertones mixed with the natural energy levels provided by Michael Scroggins’ device to fill all the digital gaps. Michael’s device has been experienced as near-magical by those who have used it, sometimes providing instant ease and bliss.

John and Michael’s process allows listeners to hear the natural sounds of the Earth, which we have learned to tune out, and to hear the incoming sounds of the universe in a natural format. These blends of all energies encourage healing, enlightenment, spiritual awakenings, and manifesting of the deepest of desires.


About the Helix Frequency Tracks

Track 1 – Jupiter:

Accesses deep mystical wisdom and prowess; puts the listener inside of the circle of universal and divine knowledge from across time; awakens spiritual gifts; cleanses the fears, anxiety, and judgments in the way of moving into one’s spiritual destiny. Accelerates higher learning. Aligns mind with the brain and universal consciousness. Use when searching for mystical information, to awaken this and past life spiritual powers, to gain understandings or specifically requested knowledge, and to clear dysfunctional beliefs. Can also be highly beneficial when willing to release addictive patterns.

Track 2 – Miranda:

Heals blocks to love. Enables the acceptance of love where there has been pain. Brings forth forgiveness. Invites feminine creativity and intuition and activates magical abilities, also willingness to receive the miraculous, great and small. Brings wonder. Use while focused on clearing emotional and spiritual blocks or if seeking an answer to a specific question, especially in matters of love.

Track 3 – Neptune:

If greater mysteries you seek, especially about your own soul’s history and experiences, listen to these sounds of Neptune. You will hear the calling of your own soul and what it desires to manifest. Want to materialize your dreams? Be embraced by Neptune, even to the point of falling asleep with this music so you can activate your deep soul and bring your desires to the surface of your consciousness. Will clear illusion, doubt, confusion, and bring about enlightenment.

Track 4 – Rings of Saturn:

There are beings upon the various imaginal realms, the spheres of multi-dimensional existence, that stand ready to assist you. Seeking assistance from the faery realm? The archangels? The masters, prophets, or elementals? The power of these rings is comparable to standing in the middle of the Hallways between Life and Death and summoning to you the guidance that is needed. The beings that respond can assist with any type of concern, from physical to spiritual, but know that they are mighty indeed and directed by the Holy One.

Track 5 – Rings of Uranus:

Each of the thirteen rings of Uranus are a distinct frequency and can activate each of your major 12 chakras, as well as unify them. Sense the power of these rings to bridge your physical, emotional, mental, relational, verbal, visual, spiritual, shamanic, heavenly, natural, supernatural, and individualized aspects. The final and 13th ring brings in your divinity. Listen closely and you’ll sense bridges forming between all aspects of yourself providing unity, balance, and protection.

Track 6 – Saturn:

You are strong! You are a being of might! Let the Almighty, however you know this Holy of Holies, restore you where you are weak, gird you with power, and protect you as you bring your unique abilities into this world. This music is key for those who feel tired and battered by life and are ready to transform so as to live dynamically and boldly. If you are in need of money, better health, and the things of the world, seek Saturn’s assistance.

Track 7-  Sphere of IO:

Are you seeking influence? Have you perhaps been powerless, despondent, or battered, and know that it is time to rise in authority? IO mixes the magic of good luck and fortune with the personalized love that the Creator has for you to change your life powerfully. Use this mantra if you are truly and fully ready to embrace your destiny and rise in stature and impact. It will also draw spiritual guides and beneficial individuals to you, so be ready to make mystical as well as miraculous connections. Also helpful for healing your subconscious blocks to success and personal power.

Track 8 – Uranus:

If it is time to change and transform, to move forward and fly, be encompassed by the sounds of Uranus. Mystical masters from realms known and unknown will lift you up and enable progress, enabling you to change your own life as well as the world. Highlighted will be your individuality and originality, enabling you to stand out in a crowd. Only listen to if you are ready to be your FULL self, to dance to your own rhythm, to follow the True Drummer. Nothing will be the same and you will transmit only goodness after this.


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