Write Healing Affirmations Using the New Formula

Write Healing Affirmations Using the New Formula



modern theory + scientific perspective + templates + sample music + love

A short course that shares a new formula for writing healing affirmations. Affirmations are short statements that “assert a truth” for the body, mind, or Spirit. Affirmations have been clinically shown to be effective in healing, recovery, and psychological resourcing.

Historically, affirmations are typically written as one short line, in the first person and in the present tense.


The new affirmation formula includes an empowered journey that specifically languages the change needed to adopt a new truth.

I have always been dissatisfied with the way in which traditional affirmations landed in my energy system,” says the author, Amelia.  “I wasn’t able to connect with the journey; I didn’t feel empowered; I always felt as though the desired state was separate from me, even as I languaged it. So, I set off to find a new way to write and work with affirmations…

This short course shares this new way of writing empowered journey-based affirmations.

In this course, you will discover the following:

  • an introduction to the Universal Model of Healing and how this informs the New Affirmation Equation.
  • an overview of some of the scientific theories supporting affirmations (sound, shape, thoughts, words) and how these function in your energy system
  • the new formula that you can use for your own journey-based affirmations
  • the reasons why adding music to your affirmations is important

To fully support your personal affirmations, you will be gifted:

  • a beautiful professionally recorded music sample written to accommodate the New Affirmation Equation
  • a template that you can follow as you write your own healing-focused affirmation
  • two samples of professionally recorded affirmations—one for the heart chakra and one for the solar plexus.

This course will take about 30 minutes to complete.


About the Instructor:

Amelia Vogler is the Founder of the Institute and has been teaching Energy Medicine classes and workshops for the last 8 years.  She is considered a specialist in Energy Medicine and more importantly for this course, she invites you to meet her inner word nerd. She loves the strong, healing potential of language and is a closeted creative writer.