Teach for us

Teach for us

The Vogler Institute is a sacred container and anyone who teaches or partners with this space must step into a contract of Right Relationship with the mission and intent of the courses.  The mission is seeped in healing for the sake of being stewards of personal transformation for the betterment of this planet.  The reason that these are short and inexpensive courses is because this institute is not financially motivated.

We ask that you step in acknowledging:

That this is an opportunity to support from the deepest place of your Service and the commercial interest in unwelcome.

This effulgent space is held in and created through the belief that all persons deserve access to exceptional opportunities for self-healing.

This space is not a space filled with financially motivated affiliate partnerships. If you wish to spread the message about the institute, please do so because you believe in us.  As a thank you, trees are planted for your help and a discount code is made available to your community and can be use for certain courses and products.  Affiliate partnership information here.

We believe in compensating you fairly and also continuing to compensate our composers and musicians who have worked extraordinarily hard to create the sonic landscape for healing in each of our courses and also save funds for use with discernment for future growth.